Shiloh Shepherds
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Shiloh Shepherds

If you are looking for a Shiloh Shepherd puppy with traceable blood lines, healthy parents
and a sweet, loving temperament, then look no further than Glorious Kennel.

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The Shiloh Shepherd dog is a relatively new breed. They were started around 1960 by breeding German Shepherds with Malamutes. The goal was to produce a larger, sounder dog with the beauty and intelligence of the German Shepherd founding stock. Some mistakenly believe that a Shiloh Shepherd is simply a large German Shepherd Dog. Shilohs are not giant German Shepherds but a separate rare breed. As our repeat customers will attest, Glorious Kennel produces Shiloh Shepherds that are known for their gentle and loyal temperament who live up to their name of beng "gentle giants" with children and other pets.

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