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About Glorious Kennel

Welcome to the Glorious Kennel website. My name is Ben Landfeld and with my wife Laura I live in Chesterland, Ohio on the east side of Cleveland.

We invite you to open The Dog House scrapbook and take a tour of Glorious Kennel.

We started breeding "gentle giants" (that's what people call Shiloh Shepherds) in 1998 with our first Shiloh "Jewel". Check out our Glorious Shiloh Parents web album for pictures of the beautiful female and the majestic male Shilohs that have come from our kennel.

Glorious Kennel's The Dog House Scrapbook

In 2006, we started another new and captivating breed - Miniature Bulldogs, the "mini bulldogs". Check out our Mini Bulldog Parents web album for pictures of these beautiful ladies and the handsome male Mini Bulldogs we own. So if you live on a big farm with lots of acreage or in a small apartment house, we have a canine companion for you.

Originally I came from the Czech Republic (Czechoslovakia) where I used to breed German Shepherds with my father. Here in the United States we concentrate on plush coat Shiloh Shepherds and Miniature Bulldogs. Our daughter, Sheree, has continued the family tradition and is successfully breeding champion Labrador Retrievers and Chihuahuas in Czechoslovakia.

As you'll note in the The Dog House scrapbook we have 2 rooms in our home dedicated to whelping and raising puppies. Our whelping room is equipped with all the necessary appliances such as fridge, washer and dryer, microwave oven, digital scale and of course a bed where I can sleep with one eye open when a new litter of puppies has joined us. From both rooms, puppies have easy access to outside runs separated according to their ages. We have a top-notch facility for raising puppies so they become well-adjusted, healthy companions and delight their new owners.

Our business allows us to stay home for most of the day so we can focus on raising our puppies with love and attention. It has paid off. We have quite a few families who came back to us for their second puppy. We also have families who have come back for a third puppy! For us, that is success - customers who come back to us for their next puppy.

Check out our Glorious Puppy Placement Map to see where Glorious Shilohs and Glorious Mini Bulldogs have been placed in the United States and Canada.

Fellow Breeders: Glorious Kennel is now making available to other breeders the Hydraulic Whelping Box®, a tool we invented to allow us to comfortably care for our newborn puppies. As many dog breeders quickly come to realize, it can be painful to remain on your knees, bent over for the first three critical weeks of a newborn puppy's life. After countless backaches, I decided there had to be a better, more comfortable way to care for them. The result was the Hydraulic Whelping Box® which can be adjusted to the height of a chair removing the need to bend over or get down on your knees.

"...but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."
Joshua 24:15b (NASB)

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