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Glorious Kennel Reference Letters

Dear Ben,

Thank you so much for letting us come see the puppies yesterday. My son John has been telling everyone about his new puppy. I am very impressed with your operation, it is first class. Let me know as to which male I will be able to buy. And thanks for putting up the new photos of the puppies. I was able to show my parents and family, everyone is excited. Once again thank you for letting us come to your home yesterday.

Molly, PA

One of our customers, Donna, requested references and here are the unedited responses she received:

Good Morning Donna,

Although I have not purchased a Mini-bulldog from Ben, I have however purchased a Shiloh Shepherd puppy from him in January of this year. Mr. Landfeld has been a pleasure to work with; our Shiloh arrived to us in excellent health.; Mr. Landfeld's puppy's health and well being are of great concern to him, he is very diligent in making sure that all vaccines and worming have been done and that they leave his kennel with a clean bill of health. He is very attentive to his puppy buyers, sending weekly pictures from the time of their birth until they leave to be with their new families, as well as staying on top of any and all paperwork required.

I have been so pleased with working with Ben that I will be purchasing another Shiloh from him this fall. I hope this information helps in making your decision to purchase your puppy from Mr. Landfeld; he is a reputable breeder.  I am fully confident in saying that you will not be disappointed!

Suzanne, Canada

Hello Donna,

Ben has been a personal friend of mine for many years. I have worked with him on different projects and have been to his home on several occasions. Ben has proven to be honest and caring and wants to produce sound, healthy dogs. He has gone far beyond any other breeder I know to health screen his dogs before breeding and has worked with his buyers in an ethical manner.

I have had the pleasure to meet his mini bulldogs and they are simply delightful! He adores them and I believe he will take that breed forward to a much better place than it ever was before. Ben also uses Dr Hutchison in Cleveland.

Hutch is also a friend of mine and one of the best vets ever. If you should have any other questions, please feel free to contact me.

Judy, PA

"Now to our God and Father be the glory forever and ever. Amen."
Philippians 4:20 (NASB)

Ben Landfeld • • (440) 729-4397 • Cleveland, OH
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