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Shiloh Shepherd Puppies

A Shiloh Shepherd is a perfect companion and is great for search and rescue work or therapy work. Like any big dog, they require plenty of space to run and play to remain healthy. The males are usually 110 to 130 pounds and 30 - 31" tall. The females range from 80 to 120 pounds and are 26 - 28" tall. The colors of a Shiloh Shepherd can be black & tan, black & cream, black & sliver, solid black and the frequently seen sable. They can have either a plush coat (long hair) or a smooth coat (short hair). At Glorious Kennel, we breed selectively for a large Shiloh with a plush coat. Our highest priority at Glorious Kennel is to ensure they are healthy with a wonderful temperament so you can enjoy them for years to come.

Check out How to Pick a Great Puppy and get help identifying what questions you need to ask before putting down a deposit on a puppy. Glorious Kennel requires a $100 deposit to reserve a puppy. The deposit is refundable. The price per puppy ranges from $1600 to $1800 depending on whether you want to show, breed or just have a beloved family pet. Customers can use Paypal but there will be a 3% Paypal usage fee added to the price. Check out a sample of a puppy's Pedigree Papers. For more details on purchasing a puppy, check out the Glorious Kennel Shiloh Shepherd Contract.

Call for reservations now: (440) 729-4397

At Glorious Kennel, we spare no expense to ensure we breed healthy puppies with wonderful temperaments. As the future owner, consider that paying for quality up front is well worth avoiding the heartache of a dog that requires expensive future medical work and/or doesn't have the loving, gentle temperament you want. Responsible breeders WILL give you a guarantee, WILL hand raise and socialize their puppies, WILL make sure to only breed sound parents, WILL verify the health of the puppy, and WILL want to answer your questions once you take the puppy home.

Fellow Breeders: Glorious Kennel is now making available to other breeders the Hydraulic Whelping Box®, a tool we invented to allow us to comfortably care for our newborn puppies. As many dog breeders quickly come to realize, it can be painful to remain on your knees, bent over for the first three critical weeks of a newborn puppy's life. After countless backaches, I decided there had to be a better, more comfortable way to care for them. The result was the Hydraulic Whelping Box® which can be adjusted to the height of a chair removing the need to bend over or get down on your knees.

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